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Mr. and Mrs. Chisum,

I just wanted to thank you for all that you do.   Danny thoroughly loves karate.  Due to obligations with our other children on Saturday, we didn't think Danny was going to be able to be at class at all.  He was so upset, because he NEVER wants to miss!!!!  Anyways, thanks for understanding in the fact that we had to scoot out early that day. 

I also wanted to show my appreciation for the way that you handled his failure and eventual accomplishment in breaking the board the other night.  Your patience and then encouraging words with your own example of how "the board sometimes just doesn't work with you" alleviated any feeling of disappointment Danny had within him after that trying moment.  We had explained to him prior to testing that night that if he didn't pass the test it was okay and that we would be proud of him no matter what.   Having all eyes on him added to his already nervous self and the fact that he really wanted to earn his yellow belt.   So, I just thank you for encouraging him to keep trying and not to give up.  It worked!!

Again, thank you and we look forward to watching Danny learn and grow in his karate ablities this coming month!!  Keep up the good work!

Kelly C. (Sept 2011)
When we decided to venture out from our current karate school we were nervous yet excited. We came across Eagle Leadership Martial Arts and decided to sit in on a class one Saturday. From the moment we walked in the door we could tell this school was special. Our daughter automatically wanted to get on the floor and join the other students (even the workout/stretching part).Immediately after class our daughter was begging us to sign her up!! Needless to say we signed her up and we are more than pleased! I see my daughters confidence soaring and she is even saying yes and no ma'am to her mother (huge)!

Thank you to the Chisum's!!! I see your passion and drive to teach Tang Soo Do and to give back. It shows in every class! You are amazing instructors and you have an amazing school! Keep up the great work!

Misty (Jan 2012)

My name is Camryn and I am proud to say that I have recently joined Eagle Leadership Martial Arts. I was a green belt in a different martial arts school in the same style for 15 months. I moved to this school about 2 months ago and it is amazing! Everyone was so friendly when they welcomed me. I was really worried that I would have to start all over at white belt but after Mrs. Chisum finished reviewing me she kept me at green belt. I look forward to class every week. If you’re looking for a karate class you should come try this one. The instructors are VERY dedicated. You can tell this is their passion. I love this school and I'm sure you will too.

Camryn (Jan 2012)

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