Eagle Leadership Martial Arts

Building Leaders One Belt at a Time

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Student Section


I intend to develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or my physical strength.

I intend to develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

I intend to use what I learn in class constructively and defensively, to help myself and others, and never to be abusive or offensive.

We are a Black Belt School.
We are Dedicated.
We are Motivated.
We are on a quest to be our best.
Tang Soo!


Loyalty to Country
Obedience to Parents
Honor and Friendship
No Retreat in Battle
In Fighting choose with sense and honor


Respect and Obedience
Indomitable Spirit

All students are subject to the rules of free sparring and point sparring. Failure to adhere to these rules is cause for dismissal and termination of the membership agreement. Absolutely no exceptions are permitted to the sparring rules.


  1. Sparring is undertaken at members-own risk.
  2. All Sparring must be supervised by an instructor.
  3. Safety Equipment must be worn at all times (Protective Head Guard, Protective Hand Wear, Protective Foot Wear, Mouth Guard & Groin Protection (for men only), Chest Protector(optional) )
  4. All sparring will be NO CONTACT, unless otherwise authorized by an instructor. It is important to remember that members are training partners and not opponents.
  5. Anyone involved in uncontrolled use of hands or feet will not be permitted to spar for the rest of the class. After two warnings the student will not be allowed to continue sparring.
  6. Remember to bow and shake hands with your partner before sparring. Begin and end with respect and courtesy.
  7. Listen for the instructors commands and follow them without hesitation.
  8. No full-contact sparring will take place under any circumstances.
  9. There will be no contact to the face or groin.
  10. A good attitude must be maintained during all sparring sessions.

Prior to sparring in class, all students must turn in a signed copy of the sparring rules acknowledging they agree to abide by the rules of Eagle Leadership Martial Arts.

Sparring Rules Acknowledgement Form (click link to download)

Judges, my name is (state your name).
I represent Eagle Leadership Martial Arts.
My instructor is Sabom Nim Chisum.
With your permission, I would like to perform (state the name of your form).